China Jin Medical (NASDAQ: ZJYL) cooperated with South University of Technology to develop two new walkers.

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(Changzhou, China, September 14, 2023) Zhongjin International Medical Co., Ltd. ("Company" or "Zhongjin") (Nasdaq: ZJYL) is a provider of rehabilitation equipment. A few days ago, China Jin announced that it would cooperate with South University of Technology to develop Slide Walker and Rollator 2 new walkers to meet the needs of the younger market and continue to cultivate the health auxiliary products industry. At the same time, in order to provide better service experience, Zhongjin Health Auxiliary products Shanghai experience Center has been officially completed to broaden offline experience channels, further improve service quality and create a high-end brand image.

Slide Walker is specially designed for people with single limb disabilities, the product is light and flexible, and has 6 adjustable heights, the overall styling style is younger, more suitable for young consumers. Rollator adopts folding device technology, the folding size is more optimized, and has four adjustable heights, which is easier to receive and can effectively save transportation costs.

With the increasing variety of products and the continuous improvement of service quality, Zhongjin Medical hopes to provide agents and users across the country with a more intuitive and convenient product experience. On September 1, 2023, the Shanghai experience Center of Zhongjin Health Auxiliary products was completed and operated. The Shanghai experience Center is located in the bustling center of Shanghai, covering an area of 430 square meters. It is mainly used for display, experience of walking aids, nano-thermotherapy modules, micro-hyperbaric oxygen chambers and life beauty products. Through personal experience, let agents and users feel the effect of products, strengthen interactive communication, can better provide customers with accurate services, adhere to the needs of users as the starting point, always committed to creating high-end products and providing high-quality services.

Since its establishment in 2006, Zhongjin Medical has always been committed to providing more comfortable, convenient and safe products for social vulnerable groups, with the development concept of "what we make is not products but care", and constantly enrich the variety of products through scientific and technological innovation. to meet the different needs of the market, through the layout of online and offline, actively expand the sales network, seize the high-end market, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.