Zhongjin Medical is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on “benefiting human health from global science and technology”, it integrates medical, engineering and aesthetic wisdom with scientific research innovation, and continuously promotes the innovative development of old age care, rehabilitation and medical and aesthetic industries.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Company has adhered to the original intention of “caring for life and health with science and technology, improving life happiness with service”, while mastering the core technology and key production process of various mid- and high-end rehabilitation equipment such as walking aids, respiratory products, and continuously strategically expanding in key business sectors such as intelligent travel with walking aids, bathing, respiratory, medical aesthetics devices. The Company has three production bases of Jiangsu Changzhou, Jiangsu Taizhou and Anhui Chuzhou, as well as a number of brands and product lines such as Jinmed, Zhongjin Sdoma, Zhongjin Wise Traveler and V, and it is committed to enhancing and improving the life quality and living standard of tens of millions of families.

As a modern smart enterprise with more than 100 patents, Zhongjin Medical has obtained the ISO13485 certification and passed multi-authority certifications such as the JIS factory examination in Japan. It has also cooperated with well-known medical institutions from Hong Kong and Singapore in scientific research, innovated the integrated precision control of the whole industry chain of “production, education, research, testing and medicine”, and promoted the development of high-quality standard in the industry standard.

Based on its contribution of scientific research and innovation in the field of rehabilitation and walking aid, Zhongjin Medical has been successively recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and Jiangsu Province as a “Demonstrated Medical Equipment Enterprise”, “SRDI Enterprise”, “Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprise” and “High-tech Enterprise”, and has undertaken key subjects such as “National Torch Plan” and key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology for many times.

As the designated wheelchair supplier for 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Zhongjin helped the athletes of Beijing Paralympic Games win the championship and settled in the “Sunshine Life Pavilion” of Shanghai World Expo. In addition, Zhongjin not only established long-term strategic cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Japan NISSIN, America COLOURS, Singapore DNR, Health Care& Co. of Hong Kong, China and many other world-class companies, but also managed to distribute its products to 1000+hospitals and exported to many overseas countries and regions.

In March 2023, Zhongjin Medical was successfully listed on NASDAQ (stock code: ZJYL). It will continue to integrate Internet, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, to explore and conduct R& D in the field of smart old age care and intelligent rehabilitation, to launch “high-quality, precise and advanced” products for old age care and rehabilitation that meet the needs of the present day and the market trend, and to bring high-quality intelligent product experience for consumers.

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