Zhongjin Medical has been committed to the development and expansion of the global market, which has established long-term strategic partnership with world-renowned companies such as Japanese NISSIN, American COLOURS, Singapore DNR, Hong Kong Health Care& Co. and other world famous companies. The products have been sold to many overseas countries and regions and are well received by local users.

It has conducted in-depth cooperation and research with well-known medical institutions in Singapore and Hong Kong, drawing on world-class technology and make comprehensive application, which aimed at bringing new enjoyment of healthy life for global users.



Debut in International Show

Arab International Medical Device Exhibition

Asian Silver Hair Show

Dubai Exhibition

Dubai Exhibition

Dubai Exhibition

Debut in Domestic Show

CHINA AID China International Expo for the Elderly Care, Assistive Devices and Rehabilitation

Zhejiang International Senior Care& Rehabilitation Expo

China (Shenyang) International Senior Care& Rehabilitation Expo

Care& Rehabilitation Expo China