Zhongjin Medical (NASDAQ: ZJYL) sets up Respiratory products Division to develop related products.

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(Changzhou, China, September 5, 2023) Zhongjin International Medical Co., Ltd. ("Company" or "Zhongjin") (Nasdaq: ZJYL) is a provider of rehabilitation equipment. According to the needs of business development, Zhongjin announced the formal establishment of the Respiratory products Division, successfully developed mini micro hyperbaric oxygen chamber and 750ml hydrogen production machine products, and has received an order from Zhonghealth Road Industrial Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., it is expected that 10,000 oxygen tanks and 10,000 pet oxygen tanks will be laid in the Chinese market in the next three years, all of which will be purchased exclusively, which fully shows the market's recognition of Zhongjin's R & D strength and trust in the products.

The micro-hyperbaric oxygen therapy built in the micro-hyperbaric oxygen chamber belongs to the category of health care, with less pressure and higher safety. it is suitable for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, beauty lovers, sub-healthy people, athletes, obese people and postoperative convalescent people. The product has the effects of daily oxygen care, improving sub-health, postoperative recovery and anti-aging, and has been officially certified in Japan in accelerating fat burning, skin beauty and enhancing immunity. In terms of daily oxygen care, by rapidly increasing the content of bound oxygen and dissolved oxygen, accelerating blood flow and repairing cells, it helps to balance metabolism and the body. In terms of anti-aging, long-term high-pressure oxygen inhalation can improve cell vitality, effectively prolong Rui granules, reduce aging cells, help improve skin metabolism, and achieve the effect of anti-aging.

The hydrogen and oxygen machine developed by Zhongjin adopts imported DuPont proton membrane, and the hydrogen-oxygen ratio is the medical standard ratio of 2:1, which has stronger oxidation resistance, better stability, and higher purity of hydrogen production, thus achieving better effect of scientific and technological health preservation.

Since its establishment in 2006, Zhongjin Medical has been committed to providing more comfortable, convenient and safe products for vulnerable groups in society. The company is committed to scientific and technological innovation, by constantly enriching the product portfolio to meet the diversified consumer needs of the market, especially aiming at China's old-age rehabilitation industry, committed to creating a more convenient and comfortable quality of life for the elderly. In the future, Zhongjin Medical will continue to adhere to research and development, continue to launch smarter and more portable maintenance equipment, consolidate the development of the main industry, continue to expand market share, and create long-term stable returns for shareholders.