Oxygen concentratorLN-501AMute Mobile Medical Oxygen Concentrator 5L


Product Features

  • No peak
    super mute

  • PSA
    oxygen generation mode

  • Accumulated elapsed time

  • Timing

  • Voice prompt

  • remote control function
    Backlight design

  • Large screen

  • 0.1L /min
    flow regulation

  • Real-time
    oxygen flow rate display

  • Flow abnormal

  • Undervoltage/power outage

  • Outlet pressure

  • complete machine High temperature

  • Oxygen concentration

A healthy life begins with breathing

Adopt the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and harmful substances in the air are removed through four-stage multiple filtration so as to obtain high-purity oxygen that meets the medical oxygen standard.

The principle of oxygen production in oxygen concentrator

  • In order to ensure the continuous and stable production of oxygen, two identical adsorption towers are designed, and the electromagnetic valve is used for timing switching to ensure that the two adsorption towers of the molecular sieve group work alternately, namely pressurizing adsorption and decompression desorption.

  • The oxygen collection device regulates the pressure of the produced oxygen to the specified safety pressure range through the pressure reducing valve and then outputs the oxygen, which is usually 0.06MPa±10%. The oxygen flow rate can be continuously adjusted between 1 liter and 5 liters through the flow regulating device.

  • Meet different traffic demands of customers. After the output oxygen is filtered by the bacterial filter, the oxygen enters the humidification bottle for humidification, and then is delivered to the user for use through the catheter.


ModelLN-501APower Rating300W
Oxygen flow rate1-5L/minRated power supplyAC 220V 50-60Hz
Oxygen concentration93%+3%Operating noise≤38dB
Net weightAbout22kgOverall dimensions460X270X536 (mm)
Service temperature+5℃-+40℃Relative humidity30%~ 75%Rh
Outlet pressure60Kpa +10%Accumulated operation20000Hours
Equipment class
Warranty periodComplete machine 1 year (compressor 3 years)
Oxygen concentrator Portable oxygen inhalation machine 1L Imported molecular sieve  |  12V mobile power drive   |  1.7KG light body


Normal operating environment
Ambient temperature range:5C~40°C
Relative humidity range:≤80%
Atmospheric pressure:50kPa~106kPa
Working power supply:DC 12V 1.5A
The product adoptspressure swing adsorption technologyto separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air to filter out air impurities, thus obtaining high-concentration oxygen.
When the storage and transportation temperature is lower than 5°C, the equipment shall be kept in the normal working temperature environment for more than 2 hours before use. When the oxygen inhalation machine is working, a slight “tittering” sound will appear periodically, which is a normal ventilation phenomenon, i. e. the value described by the peak noise in the right table.

health care products Performance parameters

ModelFB103ADimensions230*180*76 (mm)
Oxygen concentration40%-50%Molecular sieveInlet
Input voltage220V 50HZNoise≤42dB
Power18WOperationTouch control

pulse products Performance parameters

ModelFB103BDimensions230*180*76 (mm)
Oxygen concentration≥90%Molecular sieveInlet
Input voltage220V 50HZNoise≤42dB
Power18WOperationTouch control

*Pulse breath technology uses a breath sensor to deliver oxygen to the nasal cavity through breathing