Zhongjin Medical Sponsoring The Shanghai Future Star Cup

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On August 28th, the 2023 Shanghai Future Star Cup, organized by the Shanghai Football Association, was officially unveiled at SAIC Pudong Football Stadium. The Shanghai Future Star Cup focuses on the development of youth football and was first held in 2022. The aim is to create a youth football tournament with "High Point, High Specification, and High Standard", build a solid foundation , and cultivate more football talented youth.In this competition, Zhongjin Medical has specially designed camouflage wheelchairs,representing the spirits of sport for international athletes, provided excellent medical support services during the whole process. 


This year, in addition to representing local teams as champion of the first Shanghai Future Star Cup of Shanghai team, it also gathered some other youth training teams from top foreign clubs such as Manchester City, Hotspur and Porto, as well as well-known football academies. These eight teams represent the top competitive level of the U16 age group worldwide, staging a "The Little World Cup" for football fans.



In 20 matches, football teenagers sweat on the green field, unleashing their passion and vitality. The stunning goal was thrilling, and the exquisite team cooperation brought us a visual feast. And the intense penalty shootout can be described as a fast heart beating.In the end, the South Korea-Ulsan Hyundai team advanced and won the championship of this tournament, while the Japan-Osaka Sakura team won the runner up.image.pngimage.png

The Shanghai Future Star Cup has provided various participating teams with better practical training opportunities and international communication platforms. They have also demonstrated the charms of football as the "World's Number One Sport" to the audience with both of their outstanding personal abilities and teamwork. In the future, Zhongjin Medical will continue to design excellent composite ergonomic products for the athletes, provide better medical support, and contribute to the friendship and sports development of the international youth!